1955 Chevrolet Apache 3100


This 1955 Chevrolet 3100 pickup isn't like all the others. Small block V8, automatic transmission, the usual stuff, right? Nope! This one carries a modern-tech Nissan 2.7 liter turbo diesel that not only transforms the way this cool chopped pickup drives, but also makes it the ideal choice for the hobby of tomorrow.

Before we get to the tech under the hood, check out the handsome burgundy paint job, which makes this humble pickup look upscale, not beat up. The top has obviously been chopped a few inches, but that does nothing to erase the handsome good looks of the all-new 1955 Chevy truck, which had a lot of styling that matched that of the cars sitting alongside it in the showroom. A few selective piece of trim have been shaved, including the hood ornament, others have been painted to match the bodywork, and some have been replaced, such as the door handles which are from a late-model. Altogether, though, it has an awesome look that's timeless and appealing, so it'll look this good decades from now. There's a nice shine to the two-stage urethane, and in the sunlight the metallic in the finish really makes the curves of the 3100 really glow. There's not a lot of chrome left, but the grille insert looks great, the trim around the side windows has been expertly modified to work with the chopped top, and the original 3100 emblems on the sides of the front fender look great. And, of course, the bed is completely restored with new planks and stainless rub strips.

Ready to be enjoy